Saturday, July 11, 2009

Records Removal Services my Second Chance

I don't pretend to understand the people in this state who write the laws we are required to live by. They have written laws making it nearly impossible for people with a criminal record to ever get a job; please keep in mind that these are politicians (elected people who typically have long records of wrong doing but are never caught or punished).

From my experience, an attorney is not much better than a politician. They are quick to take your money and slow to respond to YOUR needs, even though you are the client and the one providing them with the overly lavish lifestyle they enjoy. They are not at all interested in what you want and what is best for your long term future.

My attorney did not even take the time to tell me that by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor offense, it would be available to everyone on the internet, and reported by all background check companies. Not a single word!

Imagine my surprise when I got laid off from my job because of this horrible economy about 6 months ago. My attorney was willing to help me of course for another $1,500.00. Whatever!

Anyway I found a company online, Records Removal Services at Records Removal Services promised to expunge my criminal record and remove me from criminal database companies for $300.00. It seemed like a steal so I quickly enrolled.

Today, about 8 months after I enrolled, my record has been expunged and I have no criminal record. I applied for an engineering job and my background check bame back CLEAR! I am making less than I was before I was laid off, but atleast I am working again so I can pay the child support my kids need to live on.

I am sorry if I have clouded this issue with my personal opinions of attorneys and our state legislature, but they are part of this problem.

If you have a criminal record and cannot find a job like I could not, I strongly recommend Records Removal Services.

Today I feel like a new man because I have been given a second chance. If I should ever get into legal trouble again, I will be asking my attorney a lot more questions and demanding answers to them.

You can find Records Removal Services online at - Bobby

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Records Removal Services

I signed up with Records Removal Services an online company I discovered which claims to be able to expunge my criminal record and remove me from criminal databases.